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Brief but fruitful musical encounter

5 SEP 2017

"The first half featured the popular Rachmaninov concerto with young Singaporean pianist Li Churen in the demanding solo role. From the intent and demeanour of its opening chords on the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, one could tell the confident and self-assured Li was going to put her personal stamp on the old warhorse."



10 MAY 2021

"It was a great way to end, and Churen’s encore, an original work called Llama’s Land – beginning with a gentle waltz but gradually building up into a lively fantasy – showed her to be an excellent composer as well. Some years ago, I referred to her in a review as the “epitome of poise and polish”. Now let me now add “passion” to that list of superlatives."


Orchestra delivers brilliant music befitting Singapore's 50th anniversary

2 OCT 2015

"But the sobriety quickly dissipated when Li Churen, 20, delivered an energetic reading of Beethoven's Second Piano Concerto. A conservatory alumni who is now a Yale postgraduate student, the young Singaporean showed extraordinary skill, displaying a sense of urgency in her playing that Lai had to stay vigilant to keep up with. Regrettably, the clapping was not sustained enough to get an encore from the brilliant pianist."


PRESS RELEASE: 27th Edition Of Singapore International Piano Festival To Take Place In 2021

6 APR 2021

"The 27th edition of the annual Singapore International Piano Festival takes place 3-6 June this year, featuring four virtuoso pianists and a broad scope of musical works."


Pianist Li Churen goes for big meals before a performance

9 AUG 2016

"Li Churen faced a tough choice at age 16: follow convention and climb the academic ladder or follow her heart and train as a concert pianist?"


What Matters To Me: Concert Pianist Li Churen

8 JUL 2020

"The Singaporean pianist and educator wants to make classical music relevant to her generation"